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Working to Secure Safe Fresh and Salt Water for the World

Testing fresh and salt water for E. Coli, Legionnaires, Free Chlorine, and bacteria in a matter of minutes, not days or hours.

21st Century Technology

What's in your water?

Water testing with ease, efficiency, and quick time, diagnosing, bacteria, E. Coli, Legionnaires, and Free Chlorine, in under ten minutes, not hours or days, anywhere fresh or salt water can be found.


Everyone deserves safe clean water. With the use of our testing, it is our goal to assist all mankind to have fresh clean safe water.


Rapid Water Testing In the 21st Century for bacteria, as well as free chlorine in as little as 10 minutes/Testing for Ecoli, Legionnaires and Bacteria in as little as 15 minutes.

Cutting Edge Technology


Results in less than 15 minutes in the field.


As little as 1 CFU/ml


Self contained kit. No external equipment needed.


Our solutions are half the cost of traditional methods.

Our Research

Revolutionary Products

AquaVial Test kit

Coliform Water Test Kit

AquaVial bacteria test kit detects the presence of potentially dangerous bacteria before it causes serious illnesses. It is an easy-to-use screening test that can quickly detect water quality issues before they become a serious health risk.

Aquavial Pro500 Total Bacteria Biofilm and Fungi Testing

Water Quality Indicator

Aquavial Pro500 is the ideal fresh and salt water quality screening tool for water treatment. Designed for monitoring microbial levels, Aquavial Pro500 uses our proprietary surface cell wall recognition technology to detect and quantify microorganisms in water.


Rapid and accurate microbial testing

Take your water testing outside the lab with the new ExactBlue testing system. Exact Blue is an easy-to-use smartphone-based patent-pending, nanotech platform that screens for total microbial contamination as well as biocides all on one platform. Quick, convenient, and accurate.


Our products are working closely with EPA and NSF to get Certification. 


Our products are tested with scientific methods, with vials and testing procedures, that are easy to use.

Cutting Edge

Our 7-minute test products have nanotechnology, application, platform and DNA testing is available.


Our product is faster than the closest competitor and our product can test for multiple types of swimming pools, hot tubs, shower heads, ice machines, hose bibs, nursing homes, hospitals, wells, cooling towers, spas, and chillers. In fact, anywhere there is fresh or salted water, even water runoff.


Our testing uses surface plasmon resonance (SPR) in one platform, and brings together biocidal treatment, and direct microbial monitoring. It has fewer false positives than other tests.

Test Any Water

We can use our products with saltwater and freshwater. 

clean tech

Investing in Clean water testing technology

Our team continues to work daily through their Rapid Response 21st century testings to assist in providing the best products to assist in testing for clean water.